We Install Home Chargers For Electric Cars On Hilton Head

Live Oak Electric provides electric vehicle chargers for your home. We have been installing all types of charging stations since 2006 and are one of the leaders in this market segment with a deep understanding of the technology. In addition to our expertise, we also offer competitive pricing and installation services that will get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Experienced car Charger Installers

Getting an electric car is a smart choice for the environment, and can help you save significantly on gasoline costs. If you just got a Tesla (or any other vehicle that requires a home electric car charger), you need a licensed electrician to have one safely and properly installed.

A home electric car charging station is also called an EVSE, which means “Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment”. You may also hear the terms “EV chargers”, “charging dock” or “charging station.” Whatever the label, an electric car charging dock is a critical electrical installation that must be installed correctly for your safety and to keep your car running well.

If you need to have a home charger for electric cars installed in Hilton Head or the surrounding areas, contact Live Oak Electrical Services today for safe, expert Tesla charger or other EVSE installation.

Installing EV Chargers in Hilton Head

More and more electric car charging stations are popping up across Hilton Head as more of our neighbors get on board with the environmentally-friendly benefits of owning an electric vehicle. Still, it can be hard to find one when you need one. The good news is that you can take care of about 80 to 95 percent of your electric car charging needs at home as long as you have a reliable EV charger installed there.

We install home electric car chargers all across Hilton Head and the surrounding areas for any type of electric vehicle you have. Aside from Tesla and a dedicated Tesla charger, there are several other electric vehicles on the market (and coming to market) that also require a home EVSE to juice up their batteries.

We Install Car Charges For The Following Vehicles:

  • Tesla
  • Chevy Volt
  • Chevy Spark
  • Toyota Prius
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Honda Fit
  • Porsche Taycan
  • BMW i3
  • Fiat 500e

What Type Of Electric Car Charger Do You Need?

There are two types of home electric car charging stations: Level 1 (120v) and Level 2 (240v). For today’s electric vehicles, we recommend the Level 2 charging dock, as it will provide a more efficient and reliable charge. Level 1 chargers are better for lower-needs electric vehicles like electric golf carts.

Many homes in Hilton Head are classic older homes that do need some form of electrical building code update in order to provide safe, ample electrical charge for an electric vehicle. The outlet itself needs to have correct, to-code wiring, and assessing the condition of the outlet can be dangerous, so do not try to install it alone! To protect yourself and your new electric vehicle, make sure to contact us at (843) 505-1167 and we can come out and run the proper electrical assessments and do any necessary electrical upgrades to protect you and your new electric car.

Tesla Charger Installation
On Hilton Head

While Tesla electric vehicles are built to be able to charge at almost any available Level 2 charging station, they are a little special and charge the best when plugged into a real Tesla charger. Our Live Oak Electrical Services team are Tesla charger installation experts and know how to install the right EVSE that will provide the fastest, most efficient charging for a Tesla car.

We are also well-versed in the types of connections that other electric vehicles use and can help you get the best and safest charging service for whichever electric car you own or decide to purchase. If you are planning to buy an electric car in the near future, contact us and discuss your options and we can do the electric car charger installation before you bring home the new car so that you are ready to plug in safely on day one.

The Best Hilton Head Electricians for Installing Electric Car Chargers

Make sure your electric car has the most efficient, safe and reliable home electrical car charging station to plug into, from the moment you bring it home. You will enjoy the gas savings and pay about as much as you would by running the air conditioner in your home. Since electricity costs are usually much more stable than gas prices, and electric cars are far easier on the environment, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Contact the top Hilton Head electricians for installing electric car chargers today – Live Oak Electrical Services – for an evaluation and estimate, as well as expert installation and maintenance: (843) 505-1167

Is Your Electric Car Charger Safe?

Like any other electrical work done in your home, it’s important to install a home charger for electric cars safely, and for that you need a licensed electrician in Hilton Head. Contact Live Oak Electrical Services if you need to install an EV charging station first. We can evaluate your home’s electrical wiring needs and amperage limits so that we can determine if you need any upgrades first, or if we can simply install the unit without further ado.

If You Need An Electric Vehicle Charger Installed For Your Hilton Head Island Home, Think Of Live Oak Electrical First!

Live Oak Electrical provides a full range of electric vehicle charging services. We install all types of EV chargers for your home and business. From Level 1 to Level 4, we have you covered.

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