Electrical Work Done Right in Hardeeville, SC

While there are many jobs you can DIY at home or within a business, electrical work’s complicated field is not one of them. There are at least five reasons why you should never do electrical work yourself unless, of course, you are a licensed electrician. These reasons can cause severe injury or death from electrocution, and the safety risks are too high for the homeowner or business owner to make electricity a DIY project. Electricians go to school for several years in addition to learning on the job. Inexperienced home or business owners can:

  • Create a fire hazard
  • Cause faulty wiring leading to a short circuit in the wiring
  • Fail to pass city codes and regulations
  • Proceed with electrical work before applying for a permit costing them a hefty fine
  • Cause severe electrical shock, injury, or death

Licensed Electrical Contractor In Hardeeville, SC

It is critical for homeowners living in Hardeeville, South Carolina, or the surrounding areas to hire a licensed electrical contractor if they need electrical work done. The main reason is to ensure that the electrical work is done correctly, thus the homeowner is kept safe while avoiding costly future problems. Even small and insignificant amounts of electricity are dangerous to those who are not licensed electricians. Incorrectly installed electrical wiring can cause the homeowners severe injury or even death.

As a homeowner, you can be at peace if you know that your licensed electrician was experienced, qualified, and fully insured. A licensed electrician has no problem with having their work inspected for safety. A licensed electrician puts the homeowner’s mind at rest, knowing that the job is safe and sound with no chances of a house fire. If you ever plan on selling your home, there will be no electrical issues in your home when you hire an experienced and licensed electrical contractor. An excellent licensed electrician provides you with prior references of work.

Quality Residential Electrician

A licensed electrician works on residential properties. This professional goes to school for many years and works as a journeyman, learning on the job until they are ready to work independently. Our electricians obtain further education to work in specialized areas.

The general job duties of a residential electrician are in demand, and this demand keeps increasing as the housing market continues to grow. The primary responsibilities of this electrician are to install electrical equipment in new house builds. These duties include installing conduit or the steel casing surrounding the electrical wiring, installing ventilation systems, large appliances, circuit breakers, electrical outlets, telecom systems, heating, and lighting. The quality residential electrician adheres to the proper safety measures in the best work conditions and adheres to city codes, rules, and regulations. Electricians work in a strictly regulated career with many varying guidelines.

Our Electrical Services for Commercial Properties, Rental Homes and Home Owners

The licensed residential electrical contractor works with no more than 240 volts of electricity and has wide and varied responsibilities such as a few of the following listed

  • Install, construct, and maintain electrical systems in homes, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums
  • Install and repair systems in the hospitality industry
  • Maintain and troubleshoot systems
  • Install lighting fixtures
  • Install alarm and fire alarm systems
  • Assure safe and efficient work
  • Install cameras, voice communications, Ethernet wiring, AC units, lighting fixtures
  • Teach electrician apprentices and crews and monitor their work
  • Trace energy flows
  • Install energy to breaker boxes and transformers
  • Replace faulty electrical systems
  • Read or design electrical blueprints

Residential electricians include two types, an inside wireman and an outside lineman. The inside wireman works inside structures like homes, factories, office buildings, industrial buildings, medical buildings, and more. The outside lineman works outside running electric cables from power plants to businesses and homes. This professional works with transmission lines, traffic signals, and transformers. The lineman needs some element of physical fitness for climbing poles and other physically demanding parts of the job.

Commercial Electrical Services

A licensed commercial electrician does not work in the residential sector but works in commercial buildings. They work mainly indoors, and their focus is on electrical systems and the wiring of those systems. The electrical designs are bigger and more complex than those found in residential settings. The power and wiring used in a commercial environment are different in that the residential location is phase-one, and the commercial setting is phase-three. The electrician working in the commercial sector requires more in-depth training, more on-the-job training, and extensive work experience.

This professional works in office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, malls, schools, apartments, government buildings, universities, colleges, and more. Their job is much like that of a residential electrician. Both types of electricians perform a dangerous job every day. The risk for electric shocks, fires, and injury from the tools and equipment they use every day is high. This professional must follow the rules and regulations to remain safe and reduce their risk of injury or death, for both themselves and others.

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