Electrical Services

Residential & Commercial Electrical Services

Live Oak Electrical Services offers a complete array of electrical repair and installation services. Our dependable electrical service helps keep your home or business safe and comfortable. Let our Master Electrician and Licensed Technicians provide the electrical service you need. With outstanding electrical work that will protect you and your family, you can rest confident in the knowledge that your house is in good hands. We’ll make sure that whatever work you have us do is done correctly and to code to prevent fires and other safety issues.

Residential Electrical Services

Live Oak Electrical provides full-service, residential, electrical services and solutions, including electrical installations, electrical repairs, and maintenance. Our residential electrical technicians are licensed and highly trained professionals who will arrive on time, answer your questions, communicate with you as the job progresses, work neatly, and do the job right, quickly and affordably.

No matter what your issue, we can assist you with any residential electrical need, large or small. From electrical outlets to ceiling fans and recessed lighting, emergency generators, interior and outdoor lighting, electric service upgrades, panel replacements, house rewiring, and much, much more

Commercial Electrical Services

Specializing in timely and affordable service, Live Oak Electrical is recognized as a Hilton Head leader in commercial electrical services and contracting. Whether you are a small business owner, medium-sized retailer or office, or a large commercial operation, Live Oak Electrical Services has the licensed and experienced electricians to meet any commercial electrical challenge.

You can always count on us to provide your company with prompt, affordable and reliable service that will minimize your downtime and eliminate scheduling conflicts. Whether you need basic electrical repairs, emergency generator installations, office and warehouse or parking lot lighting, machinery and equipment hookups and repairs, new construction, build-outs or remodeling electrical wiring, Live Oak Electrical can take care of it all..

Lighting Repairs and Installation

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor lighting solution, repairs or installations, Live Oak Electrical Services has the experience to do any residential or commercial lighting project right. We have the knowledge and experience to install recessed lighting, chandeliers and wall sconces, bathroom lighting and under cabinet kitchen lighting, and outdoor lighting just to name a few. Live Oak Electrical helps clients achieve the best lighting solution quickly and affordably by using the latest technology advance from LED’s to smart devices to brighten any space.

Outdoor Lighting Upgrades and Installation

Live Oak Electrical provides full-service residential and commercial outdoor lighting services, including wiring, outdoor switches, GFI circuits, and motion sensors. We do everything you’ll need to improve your property’s beauty, value and outdoor safety. We handle all the details of lighting fixture installations, lighting fixture repairs, lighting upgrades and maintenance. Our licensed electricians have all the knowledge and experience to expertly complete any walkway lighting, driveway lighting, parking lot lighting, pool, hot tub, or play area lighting as well as building lighting, plant lighting or outdoor signage lighting.

Back-up Generator Installation

Losing power can be particularly challenging for businesses to say nothing of families in the modern world! Going without electricity for a few minutes is probably not a major problem, but blackouts that last for hours or even days due to severe weather, hurricanes, downed power lines or other electrical service issues certainly is. In these cases, many property owners are left without heating and cooling, hot water, the ability to cook meals and conduct normal daily activities. In addition, those who are dependent on electricity for medical devices can be at serious risk. Installing a standby generator offers the perfect solution at an affordable price. By investing in an emergency generator installation, you will have the ability to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable, 24/7, even in an emergency.

Breaker Panel Repairs, Upgrades and Installation

When it comes to electricity, the most important safety point in your home is your electrical panel, sometimes called a breaker panel. This is where electricity enters your home or business and is distributed to each individual room. If you find your circuit breakers are tripping on a regular basis, feel hot or are humming, it’s time to eliminate the potential dangers that are possible with underpowered or outdated electrical systems. Breaker panels might need to be replaced for a couple of different reasons, one of which is that they are old and not designed to handle the amount of electricity required for today’s lifestyle with larger appliances, new home additions, kitchen remodels, pools and hot tubs.

Wiring Upgrades and Repair

In addition to breaker panels, it is often necessary to replace any wiring leading to newly-replaced or added outlets, 21st century technology, kitchen and bathroom remodels, recessed lighting, and larger appliances. Wiring may also need to be replaced simply depending upon age. This is especially true when dealing with an older home or commercial building. Wiring upgrades are also needed to accommodate newer 200-amp services, and home additions or remodels requiring additional electrical power.

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring

Live Oak Electrical has the knowledge and experience to install and maintain the electrical equipment for any residential or commercial hot tub or swimming pool. To ensure your safety, our installations are performed by our licensed electricians, with all safety and code inspections being made by the proper city or county inspectors. All Live Oak Electrical work meets or exceeds current National Electrical Codes. Live Oak Electrical provides the peace of mind of knowing that your pool or hot tub has been wired properly and in accordance with current safety standards.

Electrical Inspections

Sometimes, damaged circuits, outdated wiring and other common electrical issues can be obvious to property owners. In other cases, they can be subtle, difficult to identify and dangerous. Electrical fires, property damage and personal injury are just a few of the consequences that can occur from a poorly installed or neglected electrical system. Using Live Oak Electrical, an inspection of your property will help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your investment and those you care for.

Our electrical inspection services will alert you to common electrical risks that can possibly exist due to general neglect, age, or improper installation. Best of all, allowing our licensed electricians to make the proper repairs will give you peace of mind, knowing that your electrical system meets all necessary codes and regulations. Our inspections also include a list of ways to save energy and lower electrical costs long term. Live Oak Electrical Inspections will ensure you have safe and dependable power.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you are thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle, you will need to install a home EV charger. The Live Oak Electrical team of licensed electricians offers a wide variety of innovative services including electric vehicle charging station installation, EV charger repair and EV charger replacement. Some models of electric cars can technically be plugged into a standard outlet, but doing so comes at great risk.

Electric vehicle batteries require a lot of power, and many electrical systems may not be equipped to handle your needs for power. In addition to the safety features that charging stations provide, they are also much more energy efficient and will charge most vehicles in less time than a standard outlet. Talk with the local experts in Vehicle Charging Stations at Live Oak Electrical.

Whole House Surge Protection

At Live Oak Electrical Services, we understand the importance of protecting your home from electrical surge damage. That’s why we offer whole house surge protectors to our customers in Bluffton, SC. surge protector will help to safeguard your electrical system from damage caused by sudden spikes in voltage. In addition, our surge protectors are designed to provide superior protection against power surges, brownouts, and other types of electrical disruptions. As a result, you can rest assured that your home and your belongings are safe from electrical damage. Contact us today to learn more about our surge protection services

Taking Care Of Homeowners & Businesses Electrical Needs For 25 years

Locally owned and operated, Live Oak Electrical Services provides highly skilled, licensed and insured electricians and the proven expertise to meet the electrical needs of any new construction, remodeling or installation project. For more than 20 years our Master Electrician and Certified Technicians have offered a complete family of residential and commercial electrician services that are second to none.

Always working safely and within current building codes, Live Oak Electrical Services uses only the highest quality products, the latest in technology innovations and highly-trained, licensed electrical technicians who care about the quality of their work. Our entire team is dedicated to offering timely service, the correct electrical solution, quality craftsmanship, fast and affordable professional electrical services, the best in customer service, and a no questions asked 100% client satisfaction guarantee.