Backup Generator Installation & Service In Bluffton SC

If you are searching for a local backup generator installer right here in Bluffton, SC, then you are talking to the right electrical company! Live Oak Electric has been servicing and installing stand-by generators for a number of years in residential and commercial buildings.

Keep Your Bluffton, SC, Home Powered!

Install an Automatic Backup Generator

Founded over twenty years ago, Live Oak Electrical Services provides the citizens of Bluffton, SC, with the best electrical work utilizing our team of experienced and licensed electricians. We proudly deliver affordable service and superior installation of high quality automatic backup generators.

After experiencing over two decades worth of hurricane seasons, Live Oak Electrical Services knows what to expect when a storm comes. Our years of knowledge and expertise will make sure your Bluffton, SC, home is ready for the next tropical storm or hurricane.

Power Outages Cost Americans $150 Billion a Year!

In the past few years, Lowcountry residents have experienced a number of tropical storms, hurricanes, and other events that have caused power outages, some lasting days or even weeks. These power failures caused many losses for families in Bluffton and across the Lowcountry, including millions of dollars of losses and multitudes of residents without power. Whether it’s for having to replace a refrigerator or freezer full of food, water damage caused by a sump pump not working due to the power being out, or anything else, it adds up quickly.

Fortunately, with an automatic backup generator, you don’t have to worry about these issues. Powered by natural gas or propane, you don’t have to purchase gas as with smaller portable generators. The generator is sized to your needs so you can power as much or as little as you like.

Automatic backup generators
  • Runs off natural gas or propane
  • Allow you to say goodbye to spoiled food, candles, and going days without air conditioning
  • Come in a variety of solutions for every budget

Automatic backup generators, just like any other home comfort device, are understandably complex. That’s why we’re here to help. Use Live Oak Electrical because:

  • Our technicians are licensed, certified, and insured
  • We’ve served Bluffton, SC, for over two decades
  • We are dedicated to providing quality service and customer care
  • We offer free in-home consultation

How Does an Automatic Backup Generator Work?

A standard generator, while still very effective at supplying your Bluffton home with electrical power in case of an outage, will not detect on its own when a loss of power has occurred. Instead, when the power goes out, you’re required to manually activate the generator to start it working and then connect what you need to the generator.

An automatic backup generator, however, removes this inconvenience. It functions much like a standard generator that’s wired into your home’s electrical system, but what makes it different is that it will sense when power from the grid quits and will turn itself on immediately to begin supplying your home with electrical power.

It’s important to remember that automatic backup generators can only work as effectively as they’re meant to if they are properly installed and serviced. When you hire the professional team at Live Oak Electrical for an installation, you can rely on the right amount of power for your needs, whether you only require a few lights and your HVAC system, or if you want comprehensive backup for your whole house. Let us help you assess your needs and install the perfect automatic backup generator for your needs.

Why Wait For Power When It’s Available In Seconds?

The beauty of instant automatic power is obvious. All the food in your refrigerator and freezer will remain chilled or frozen. You won’t have to throw out hundreds of dollars of produce, meat, and other perishables every time the power gets knocked out in your Bluffton home.

Your family can continue to work and live as if nothing happened. Electronics and computers remain online so work can get done and homework completed. And after dark your lights will still work and any chance of an accidental fire due to a lit candle tipping over are eliminated.

For many Live Oak customers who have installed an automatic backup generator, perhaps the thing they love best is the generator being connected to the utility’s natural gas supply. There is no running out and filling gas tanks when the weather is stormy and downed trees may be littering your Bluffton neighborhood. A natural gas connection provides a constant supply of fuel so your family can keep to its schedules while your home remains lit, powered, and safe. If there is no natural gas supply at your location, your automatic generator can also be fueled by a dedicated LP tank providing you with peace of mind even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Power Plant

An automatic backup generator is really the equivalent of a personal power plant whenever your power goes out due to a violent storm, blown transmitter, or for any other reason.

Typically installed permanently beside or behind your home, your automatic backup generator will kick in within 20 seconds or so, quickly restoring power to your home without the need to flip any switches or wander out where weather conditions may be hazardous.

Another tremendously convenient advantage of today’s automatic generators is that many models are smart.

  • Many generator units now have a remote component that enables you to log in from any mobile device and check your generator’s status. You’ll have peace of mind when you’re on vacation, if you’ve had to evacuate, or if you want to monitor the status of a second home.
  • When your automatic backup generator is due for maintenance or requires service it will alert you directly and/or give Live Oak a heads up that service is needed. As an added precaution, and to make sure your unit is always in prime operating order, Live Oak suggests an annual service visit to inspect parts and make repairs when necessary.
  • When the power goes out, your automatic generator will record when the power dropped and when it returned, so you have a log of its performance.

Call Live Oak Electrical Services For Your Bluffton, SC, Generator Installation

Before the Next Storm Hits Home

Live Oak Electrical’s installation and service technicians are highly experienced and professional. We will ask you the right questions and accurately assess your power needs so we can suggest the best unit for the needs of your home and family. Give us a call at (843) 505-1167 and we’ll help you choose the perfect model for you and your budget.

The Installation Process

Here’s what you can expect from us during the installation process.

  • A good deal of planning and project management on the part of Live Oak Electrical Services.
  • Filling out all required paperwork with the city for properly requesting permitting.
  • Experienced product ordering. We know what components to order for each system.
  • Coordinating with utilities and city inspections.
  • Working with you as the homeowner for a smooth installation.

The Built-In Benefits Associated with an Automatic Backup Generator Power Source For Your Bluffton, SC, Home

  • Convenience – A backup generator restores power to your home almost immediately.
  • Sized Right – Your Live Oak technician can calculate your power needs and recommend the best solution for your Bluffton home, whether you want to power your entire structure or just critical home equipment, such as a hot water heater, electronics, and lights.
  • Safety – Live Oak Electrical makes sure your generator is properly connected to your home’s electrical box, including a transfer switch that automatically switches on the generator when power goes off and shuts it down once power is restored.
  • Manage Your Generator from Anywhere – Today’s backup generators are smart and can be monitored from any mobile device.
  • Homeowner Insurance Friendly – Your residential automatic backup generator may reduce your homeowner insurance rates. Consult your insurance agent.