Automatic Backup Generator Installation & Service In Beaufort, SC

If you need to have a new stand-by generator installed in your Beaufort area home or need maintenance on your existing generator, call Live Oak Electrical today. We are the area specialists in home generators and surge protectors for your residence. Don’t be left without power during the next emergency, get your home power back on with a whole house generator.

When hurricane Matthew hit the Beaufort area and the Lowcountry in 2016, thousands of homes without an automatic backup generator were in the dark for days and some even weeks! Even more recently, a car accident in Beaufort struck a utility pole and took out power for an entire neighborhood for 12 hours. An automatic backup generator will keep your house powered in the event of a utility blackout by automatically generating power when the lights go out and then shutting off once your power is restored.

As a frequent installer of automatic backup generators in Beaufort and the many communities nearby, the Live Oak team has seen first hand how it doesn’t take much of a big blow to knock out power to homes for days or longer.

Considering its location and weather patterns, with frequent heavy rain storms accompanied by wind, it’s not surprising to see why automatic backup generators are becoming more popular with homeowners in Beaufort and communities all around the Lowcountry.

  • Storms are stronger than ever
  • The power grid is aging and frighteningly exposed
  • Above ground electrical wires or poles are no match for falling trees
  • More people work while at home and need their electronics working
  • Portable generators are noisy and inconvenient to operate

Taking all of the above into consideration, the best thing about a backup generator is the peace of mind you have knowing your home can rebound quickly from a power failure, no matter how widespread the power outage.

Besides indoor and outdoor lighting, an auxiliary generator powered by natural gas or liquid propane can restore power within seconds to all your important electronics including appliances, TVs, and computers.

Whether your power goes out due to a tree limb taking down a wire, a blown transformer a quarter mile away, storm damage, or a total power grid failure, Live Oak can set you up with an automatic generator that can restore all the power you need in your Beaufort, SC, home without having to connect and maintain a noisy, inconvenient, portable generator.

Size Your Backup Generator Right with Live Oak Electrical Services

If you’re an architectural buff, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of the homes in Beaufort, SC. From homes built in the mid- to late-19th century, to homes and structures even older and larger that have been modified and added to over the years, to sprawling modern homes, Beaufort has a wide spectrum of structures that can present challenges for homeowners when sizing for auxiliary power needs.

In particular, installing a backup generator in an older house requires a great deal of knowledge about the capacity needed by the home, the wiring involved, and what size generator is most suitable.

How Many Kilowatts Do You Need to Power Your Beaufort Home?

A key part of the sizing process is determining how much of your home you need to power when a storm or blackout or brownout knocks out the service from your utility company.

There’s a big difference between a portable generator that powers one or two must-have essentials like your refrigerator and TV, and a backup generator that powers up your entire home in a moment’s notice to serve appliances throughout the home including the sump pump, lights and electronics for the entire family.

Before you make a purchasing decision, Live Oak Electrical Services recommends you give us a call so we can come out and discuss your power needs and what type of generator will handle the load most efficiently. You know best what you need to get back online fast, and your Live Oak technician knows how to take into account all of the power needs of the machines and devices you need so that your power is released seamlessly, like it never went off in the first place.

Backup Generators Are Safer than Portable Generators

Portable generators seem like a good way to save money because they are so much less expensive than automatic backup models, but there are safety concerns you need to take into account for the health of your family.

For example, portable generators produce lots of carbon monoxide and should never be positioned anywhere near a window or door or in a garage where fumes can seep into your home. In a serious storm that means you’ll be outside in the rain and the wind refueling your generator to keep the lights on. There’s no fun in that.

Things You May Not Know about Automatic Backup Generators

Automatic Backup Generators Restore Your Home’s Power Nearly Instantaneously

Automatic backup generators connect to your utility’s natural gas supply or a dedicated LD tank and are a permanent installation outside your home. If/when your power goes off due to a hurricane, violent storm, blown transformer, or any other reason, within 20 seconds your power is restored by your backup generator. No need to flip any switches. Once power is restored to your home, the backup generator automatically shuts off.

Automatic Backup Generators Are “Smart”

Today’s automatic backup Generators are computer operated and do all the hard work for you.

  • When the unit needs maintenance, it can “call” your service provider automatically.
  • An automatic backup generator can record when your power went out and when it returned.
  • Many generator units have a remote monitor that enables you to log in from any mobile device and check your generator’s status. You’ll have peace of mind whether you’re on vacation or if you want to monitor the power status at a second home.

A Residential Automatic Backup Generator Can Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance Rates

Yes! Many insurance companies consider an automatic backup generator as home theft protection equipment. Before installing your automatic backup generator, speak with your insurance agent about the potential savings that may be available to your homeowners insurance policy.

Backup Generators Are Available in Different Sizes  

An important part of an initial consultation with a generator installation company is learning about your home and your power needs. Some homeowners may only want or need a generator to keep their core infrastructure powered such as: electric sump pump, appliances like refrigerators, the heating system, and basic lighting. Others may want a more extensive list of items powered by the automatic backup generator. Thankfully, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are different sizes to meet your needs.

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